Building Roadmaps to B2B Brand Growth

Power Decisions helps clients dial in roadmaps to market share growth: finding and manifesting opportunities for growth in all marketing functions — products, pricing, positioning, and more.

In our assessment phase, we employ marketing research tools best suited for B2B intelligence gathering.  As we proceed with research, we blend in our proven idea generation methods to further surface fresh concepts.

We stand ready today to help you uncover and clarify the best opportunities for your B2B business. 



How we work with you.

When you invite Power Decisions to uncover your growth opportunities, we begin with our 360 research and concept generation process.

  • We scour your B2B landscape for marketing information;
  • …identify your management preferences and unique drivers, and
  • …illuminate, clarify and contribute to your existing bucket of growth ideas… products, segments, pricing, and  brand positioning.

We begin by tailoring an engagement plan to precisely fit your goals, assumptions, and situation. Once you approve our engagement plan, we move forward employing some or all of the tools outlined under Research Methods.


Making an Impact

Opportunities we uncover together may involve ….

  • new products
  • product redesign
  • pricing levels and structure
  • channels of distribution
  • messaging and positioning
  • branding
  • target market segments

Typical Fees & Schedules

Typical Fee Range: $12,000 – $40,000
Typical Schedule Range: 4-12 weeks

Our way of thinking about your opportunities

We start by listening.  With you, we assess your marketing decisions, needed market intelligence, and potential for new ideas and concepts.

B2B Brand Equity

Here we measure and assess the power of your B2B brand relative to your competition.

New Product Concepts

We match stages of your new product or service development cycle with the best concept research method.

Marketing Communications

Assessment methods include quantitative surveys and qualitative groups, personal interviews, and forums. 

Power Decisions Advisors

Power Decisions Advisors


Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown

Senior Consultant