Power Decisions helps B2B companies discover opportunities to grow competitive advantage & profits … with brands, tactics, and innovative strategies. 

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Thomas Brown
Lead Consultant

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We’re expert at marketing research and concept creation and development. We employ best of breed study design and resources to implement idea generation, online surveys, online communities, focus groups, discussion forums, and 1-to-1 kinetic depth interviews.  We engage your high level hard-to-reach buying decision makers.
Power Decisions has conducted scores of marketing and product research studies involving brand positioning, pricing, advertising, new products and market segmentation targeting.

Power Decisions 360 Opportunity Discovery process


We begin with a robust round of 1-on-1 depth interviews and information gathering.  We capture and evaluate data, and viewpoints; and generate  ideas from the seven segments in our 360 Opportunity Discovery Process.

  • Engaging hard-to-reach B2B targets.

  • Delivering specific recommendations.
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